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Instant Cook Product

by Happy Home Food Industries Supply
189 views @ 15-Aug-2018

All chosen ingredients is simplified in a single packaging that brings you to the meaning of “foods perfection”. You will never forget the rich flavor we bring inside our product.

Vegetable Curry Paste 蔬菜咖喱即煮酱
"Malaysian Curry Flavour" / "马来西亚咖喱风味"

Quantitiy : 6 – 8 servings / 6 – 8 人份
Net Weight / 净重:130gm
Ingredients / 成分:Vegetable Oil, Lemongrass, Galangal, Veg Curry Powder, Dried Chilli, Salt, Sugar, Selected Spices,and Aniseed Powder. / 植物油,香茅,南姜,素咖喱粉,辣椒干,盐,糖, 特选香料及八角粉。


Vegetable Soup Spices 肉骨茶汤包
"Malaysia Style" / "马来西亚风味"

Quantitiy : 8 – 10 servings / 8 – 10 人份
Net Weight / 净重:50gm
Ingredients / 成分:White pepper, Angelica Sinensis,Star Anise, Cigusticum, Cortex Cinnamomi, Ligusticum Wallichll, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Maltodextrin, Fennel seeds powder. 胡椒粉,玉竹,党参,八角,当归,丁香,玉桂,甘草,川芎,麦芽糊精粉。

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