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Bluebird Studio Pte. Ltd.

by Bluebird Studio Pte. Ltd.
64 views @ 11-Mar-2018

Your satellite marketing department in Singapore. Together with our partners, we extract the problems and prescribe the best marketing solutions for you.

What can we offer you? Take a look in our toolbox.
From cutting edge social media campaigns to good old handwritten Thank-You notes, we offer a wide range of marketing services to assist you. But we understand that what you are really looking for is not just a service or product. It’s a solution. A result. Something to make your vision come true….. am I right? Therefore, we only hand-pick our solutions according to your individual needs and customise them into an effective and workable package.

Our Services
- Manga marketing
- Content marketing
- Social media marketing
- 2D Japanimation
- Email marketing
- Influencer marketing
- Video marketing
- Japanese style web design
- Event marketing
- Landing page optimisation
- Brand consulting
- Market research/analysis
- Referral marketing
- Web app
- Software
- Prints
- Training
- Mobile app

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